A Trauma Survivor: Amy Brumbach’s Story

May 10, 2007 is a day Amy Brumbach and her family will always remember. That was the day Amy and her 13 year-old son, Jacob, were traveling from home when they were struck by a large metal object that fell off a flatbed semi truck going the opposite direction. The impact of the object tore the driver’s side front tire off Brumbach’s SUV and sent her out-of control across the median into the back end of another passing semi. The driver’s side of her vehicle was destroyed, the airbags didn’t deploy, and when the SUV came to rest, Jacob (uninjured) found his mother trapped, severely injured, and unconscious. He didn’t know if she was alive because when he touched her head, she didn’t respond. Jacob, knowing a little about emergency situations through his parent’s occupations—both paramedics and Rescue Squad members—immediately phoned his father, Robbie.

     When emergency crews arrived on scene, Amy had regained consciousness but was in severe pain. She realized the extent of her injuries and told her husband and other EMS workers on scene to call LIFESTAR and to take her to UT Medical Center. It took more than 45 minutes for rescue squad members to free her from the wreckage and during this time Amy was fearful she wouldn’t make it because she was losing blood and fading out of consciousness.

    Amy was transported to the Medical Center via LIFESTAR and arrived in the Trauma Center more than one and a half hours after the crash.

She was assessed with multiple injuries:

• Cervical spine fracture

• Multiple rib fractures

• Collapsed lungs

• Multiple pelvic fractures

• Left lunbar spine fractures

• Grade III liver laceration

• Left open femur fracture

• Right ankle fracture

• Right knee fracture

• Left hand fracture

• Right foot fracture

Although Amy is expected to recover, she has had six surgeries and is expected to need several more to repair the damage to her body from the crash. Timely transport to a Level I trauma center was key to saving her life. “Had it not been for the EMS and Rescue crews and staff of the UT Medical Center, I don’t think I would be here today,”

says Brumbach.


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